A very balanced team with most of it's pitching returning. Conley and...

A very balanced team with most of it's pitching returning. Conley and Merry returning for their senior after being drafted in the mid teen rounds was a nice bonus. Strong freshman class of last year will have a year experience. Jason Erikson, 2008 season was interrupted with a broken handwas our #1 until he went out. Return seven starters from last year.

BBNW Comments:

The storied Husky program has been on somewhat of a decline in the last few years after it's success of the late 1990s and early 2000salthough may have been only a win or two away last year from getting a regional bid.

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UW last regional bid came in 2004 but was it's third in a row at that time. It could be at a somewhat of a crossroadcan it step up in this modern era of college baseball and take it to another level especially with the new competition for northwest players with the addition of Oregon program and the Seattle University program in 2010.

The new Husky ballpark badly needs to be completed to keep up with even the new northwest facilities at Oregon, Oregon State, and Gonzaga. Coach Knutson is the dean of northwest division 1 coaches in his 17th year and beginning the year with 559 career wins.

The 2009 Huskies are an experienced team and should be better than their 8-11 record start. Statisticallythe pitching and hitting have been adequate but just have not done enough little things to win the close games.

The lineup has been juggled around a lot to find the right combination and everyone has been given a chance to define their role on the mound. Pearl move to the rotation from closer should be a good move to go along with proven senior returning startersMerry and Erickson. Pearl has want scouts call Friday night Pac-10 starter stuff.

If the bullpen can support themthese weekend starters can keep them in most Pac-10 games. The bullpen is young but very talentedKittridge and Brown are as good as any Pac-10 freshman. The return of Nobles to the staff from a fall injury sometime soon could really help. Some criticism has been directed to coach Knutson for being in charge of the pitchers and being the head coach.

The offense has been okthe Huskies have an offensive reputation of power at the expense of strikeouts and on base percentageand this year group is performing to form although down a little in extra bases hits to begin the season. Conley must likely produce as last year to anchor the middle of order.

Pierce Rankin and Jake Rife have added good support to begin the year. Sophomore first baseman Troy Scott has a huge upside after a good freshman year but has struggled in the early going.

Freshman shortstop Bethel has appeared to won the everyday job and has stabilized the defense but no everyday catcher has proven himself. Washington may really miss second baseman and three year starter Bradley Boyerout for the year with an injury.

Some of the questions of the 2009 Huskies have been answeredothers remain as they begin the Pac-10 season. The returning Washington experience should reverse the early season trend but the Pac-10 is a battle every weekend especially on the road. Coach Knutson and associate head coach

Joe Ross have been in the battles many times before and know what has to be done to survive. Key home series are Arizona State on April 3-5 and Oregon State on May 8-10. All players on the 35 man player roster are from the state of Washington. 32 of those are Baseball Northwest alumni.

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