North Islands Tutukaka Coast New Zealand

We all know that traveling, especially with a family, is an expensive undertaking. Although most places have things to see that are inexpensive or free, we often find out about them once we are there and they don't fit into our crammed schedule. New Zealand is no different.

One of the great things about New Zealand is the spectacular scenery. No matter where you go, you will encounter breathtaking views. Why not spend a few days taking in the sights without any cost of admission? Both South Island and North Island have panoramic vistas to drink in but, in my view, a drive along the Tutukaka Coast is one of the best.

Driving down the scenic Tutukaka Coast not only gives you amazing scenery but it will take you to places that will enthrall you.

Just a few kilometers from Whangarei, the magnificent Whangarei Falls are a bit off the beaten track but easily found. All you have to do is follow the signs and pack a picnic lunch. This 26-meter drop in the Hatea River is worth spending time at. Walk the bridge that overlooks the falls or walk down to the bottom, either choice will give you unparalleled views.

As you drive further toward the coast, near Glenbervie, you will see great examples of dry-stone walls on both sides of the road. These walls have stood the test of time and are constructed without mortar.

Continue further and you will reach Tutukaka. Although this activity is not free, you really should go and snorkel or dive at Poor Knights Island. As an alternative, you can wait to snorkel until you reach Matapouri Bay. The beautiful sand beach will beckon to you to warm your feet on it. If the tide is low while you are there, you can also experience the wonders of the Matapouri Pools.

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Whale Bay is just a stones throw from Matapouri Bay and is a surfing mecca. The surfer in you will surely clamor to get out and play once you see the waves break and curl.

If you follow the road inland to Hikurangi, you will again be on SH1 heading back to Whangarei. I'm sure you'll agree that the day was worth it as you linger over your dinner and head for your room.

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