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Welcome To Big Track Outfitters!

Canadian Bear Hunting

Big Track Outfitters offers some of the greatest Canadian bear hunting to be had ANYWHERE to both USA and Canada residents! Productive baits and big, BIG bears! Trophy animals abound. You WILL see bear. Guaranteed 100% opportunity.

Some great trophies have been taken in the Eriksdale area over the years. Sign up for one of our affordable hunts and you could be the next to take a record breaker!

Amazing Location!

The Eriksdale area of Manitoba, where our bear hunts take place, is STUNNING! Over 1000 square miles of pristine, untouched forest and grassland bordering Lake Manitoba. Amazing views and plenty of flat, easily traversed land. Much of the area is so remote that the bears have never had human contact. Truly a hunters paradise!

Great Prices!

It’s hard to put a price on what we offer, but we’ve done it! 6 days hunting in beautiful Manitoba on some of the most productive bear sites Canada has to offer!Motel or cabin accommodations and travel to and from the hunt sites. One on one with a professional guide to show you the hotspots and help you bag a trophy!

All of this and more starting at $2600 USD. Contact us for more information.

Memories That Last…

Would you like to guarantee that the memories of your hunt will last a lifetime? How does having your hunt professionally documented by your own cameraman sound? For $200 a day, you can have a videographer accompany you on your hunt and record it in all of it’s glory! Relive this amazing experience for a lifetime.

If you’d like to have your hunt recorded, please let us know early on in the booking process so we can arrange it.

About Big Track Outfitters!

Welcome to Big Track Outfitters!

Here at Big Track Outfitters we’re absolutely dedicated to making your bear hunt an

experience that you’ll remember for the rest of your days.

Owned and Operated by Rob Miller, an expert guide, Big Track Outfitters offers a

real-world bear hunting experience like no other. Enjoy 6 days of bear hunting in some of

Canada’s greatest, untouched wilderness. The bear population is huge, our bait sites are

productive and you’re guaranteed to see bear.

Enjoy comfortable accommodation in either a hotel or cabin setting with travel to and from

the hunt sites provided. Some of our sites are so remote the bears have never had contact

with humans. Others are only 6 to 8 miles away from camp. The variety is great as it assures

we’ve got something to satisfy any hunter.

If you’re looking to have your hunt documented, we can arrange that too. For an additional

fee you can have a cameraman accompany you on your hunt and record as much or as little

as you’d like. Having your hunt recorded ensures you can relive the excitement again and

again for years to come.

The Eriksdale area provides some the most desirable bear hunting locations in the world.

Numerous caves in dense forest create an excellent Bear habitat.The town itself is very

picturesque and worth visiting in its own right. Big Track Outfitters offers all of this and more

to our clients at a reasonable price.

Contact us today to plan your perfect bear hunting trip! You won’t be disappointed.

References are available on request.

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