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It is March 2, I would not say it is early in the semester definitely not if you consider how late this first blog post is. I think that it is fitting though seeing as I will be "blogging" ,a verb i have never used in association with my name before, about the Houston Rockets who are half way through their regular season and much speculation has already occurred. I will be focusing mostly on what is going to happen not what has already happened that is why I am naming this blog Playoff Push.

Well let's get started, hoping it's not too late professor.. 🙂 I am writing this blog for my New Media class at Lamar University, I will be centering much of what i talk about around the current status of the Houston Rockets. If I post this to Facebook or Twitter or Youtube or any social media site know that this is for class and i am in no way associated with the Houston Rockets. To anyone reading this I do not claim to be an expert in writing or grammar so be nice with your criticism.

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As of last night the Rockets sit in 3rd place in the Western Conference with a 41-18 record. They have a MVP candidate in James Harden. They have a supporting cast that is highly rated and they have a GM in Daryl Morey who has the perception of being championship or bust. With an early exit in the playoffs last year, the fan base is getting their hopes up for a better showing this season.


James Harden has been seemingly unstoppable. Leading the league in points per game with just over 27 points per game. He also ranks third in steals with just under 2 a game. He raises his teammates play and is unselfish as well. clearly a positive at this point in the season

Daryl Morey has made magic happen this season. The Rockets have not had a team this good since Hakeem Olajuwon retired. Sure we have had our share of teams that look good on paper or play well on a video game but you can have all the talent in the world and fall short if you can not keep your core talent healthy. This was the case when the Rockets suffered through the Yao Ming years, those teams had a lot of hype but never much to show for it. Daryl's "Morey Ball" has been truly amazing watching it unfold. Bringing in James Harden, Dwight Howard, and now Josh Smith. It is truly nice to have a team that Houston can be proud of thank you Mr. Morey.


When is Dwight Howard going to get healthy? His back problems plagued him in L.A. and his first season in Houston. Now he has knee and ankle issues. Is he going to be able to help James Harden like he is supposed to be doing come playoff time?

Over reliance of James Harden might prove to be problematic come playoff time. I know I speak for a lot of Rockets fans when I say the San Antonio Spurs better not sneak back into the finals! but how do they do it every year with the old dudes on the court. They rest there players and perform when they need to (in the PLAYOFFS) the playoffs are a new season basically and with the brutally tough west I hope the Rockets can keep James healthy and focused.

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