15 things we'll learn from England vs Scotland

Roy Hodgsons England face the Auld enemy for the first time in 14 years at Wembley as Scotland travel south to rekindle the oldest international fixture in the world.

The first time the rivals met was back in 1872 but, with the Premier League season just three days away, could this friendly be the least important meeting of the two sides in history?

With an array of Premier League managers breathing down Hodgsons neck, what purpose does the friendly really play ahead of the seasons World Cup qualifiers? Below is a list of things we are likely to learn from the match on Wednesday night.

  1. Any result will have 0% impact on the World Cup qualifiers later in the year.
  2. Any player who gets injured will have a drastic impact on their clubs domestic campaign according to the manager.
  3. Despite a positive Scotland performance, they are still a long way from qualifying for a major finals.
  4. Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard cannot play together.
  5. Joe Hart will remain England no.1 even if he has a shocker and/or the reserve keeper has a blinder.

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  6. Leighton Baines will remain Englands second choice left-back until Ashley Cole retires.
  7. A mild evening in late August London will, in no way, replicate conditions for a midday Brazilian World Cup match.
  8. A strike force who ply their trade for Everton, Blackburn, Wolves and Vancouver Whitecaps (Kenny Miller) are not good enough to trouble the worlds top sides.
  9. Jack Wilshire will be the future of English football (until he gets injured again).
  10. Gordon Strachans post-match interview will be infinitely better than Roy Hodgsons.
  11. Adrian Chiles will make you wonder why you ever watched football on ITV again.
  12. You'll have to explain the match to your colleague who didn't even bother to watch it.
  13. His argument for not watching the match will be better than your analysis of the performance.
  14. You'll decide not to watch England v Moldova in September.
  15. You'll watch England v Moldova because you're English, and as such, you crave disappointment.

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