Bingham Miners

Their first round game was against the Bingham Miners--a team that beat us two months ago during pre-season play. Although that game wasn't region, the wounds we're still tender when it came time to face them on Monday. Bingham's history of aggression in the paint put them as the pick to win Monday morning, but the Hawks brought what some would call a preface to their biggest fight of the year.

This team gave heart in the most tense moments of the games, and although Alta started off slower than they would have liked, they could not be stopped in the last three-fourths of it. Every time they could, they worked for a rebound, a steal, a block--they showed defense that is truly fit for the playoffs.

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This 'foreword' of a game led perfectly into what occurred last night. However, there was no "slow start" when the Hawks faced the towering Weber Warriors. Without a player under six-feet, Weber was supposed to trample over (excuse the pun) Alta. At no point in the game last night was that happening. Arguably, the Hawks fought harder than they have all season. When every aspect of the game--from records and referees, to the size of each student section--was in Weber's favor, Alta fought in spite of all of that with as much heart and fearlessness as could be mustered in that situation. The final score was 49-43 but the deficit was not greater than 1 point until there we're only fifteen seconds left in the game. Thanks to the heart and determination of the boys and their coaches, Alta came out with a win and will play against--or should we say, fight against the Cavemen tomorrow (Friday) at 2:00. Good luck Hawks!

I will point out that I got the thought for this post speaking to Drew over at Shark Lawn Specialists. Thank you for that. I suppose you find ideas in unanticipated ways.

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