Incredible places to visit from all around the world

Santorini, Greece

Why is Santorini the most beautiful island in the world?

Here in the blue island you will find picturesque villages with stone boxes with blue painted doors and windows full of Boungainvillea flowers where romance is at home.
In 2010, Santorini was declared one of the most romantic island in the world.

Aegean island could not ever be a place of boredom because there you will find a lot of beautiful places to visit.

Most tourists arriving on the Santorini island stop at Perissa beach where they say it is the best black sand in the area, a rarity in the world, with many curative properties.

A beautiful place with beautiful people

Santorini locals are very hospitable and hardworking people and you will have the opportunity to hear wonderful stories about the history of this island and be offered traditional food and drinks.

This is a unique place!

Panjin Red Beach, China

A red beach?

In China everything is possible.Unlike other beaches, it isn't covered with red sand, but the red colour is given by red algae called Sueda.

Thisalgae covers entire Liaohe Delta and when autumn comes,the red beach is certain to please your eyes.

In my opinion this is the 2nd in my list of places to visit because is very unique and amazing to visit.

Other then the beautiful colours that paint the Liaohe Delta,there you can also find the Black Beaked Gulls and Crown Cranes ,that's why this place is also called theHome of the Cranes.

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Grotta Palazzese from Italy


Romance or Luxury?

Two things you will find just in the Ristorante Grotta Palazzese located in Polignano a Mare, Italy.

This is a unique place that will bring to you an unforgettable experience especially in the warm summer evenings.

The Montreal Botanical Garden Canada

If you like originality,arts and flowers the Montreal Botanical Garden will bring to you a great experience.

A lot of people say that this garden is in a constant change and that you will always find something new that will leave a great impression even if it's your 10th visit.

You need to spent a whole day strolling these awesome gardens, the greenhouses are packed with all sorts of flowers and of couse don't miss the incredible Insectarium.

There you will find the most exotic specimens that you have never seen before.

And don't forget about the Chinese & Japanese gardens which are very different and amazing with their Bonsai Trees.

This place is very beautiful, great to visit with family or friends and very fun.

Ireland's Dark Hedges

One of the most interesting and mysterious places to visit in Ireland is Dark Hedges situated somewhere in the North of the country near the Village of Armory.

Why you think this place is so mysterious?

Maybe you hear the story of the "Grey Lady" which haunts this place from centuries ago.

Both locals and tourists who have traveled this road say that this story is real and the Grey Lady crosses this road at dusk, and when you reach the last beech tree she disappears.

I love ghost stories ,don't you?

Hvitserkur from North Iceland

Hvitserkur is a spectacular rock in the sea on the Northern coast of Iceland. Legends say it is a petrified troll. Hvitserkur reflects in the sea water after the midnight sunset.

Hvtserkuris a 15 m-high sea stack just off shore on the eastern side of Vatnsnes. There is a good seal spotting place at the estuary of the Sigridarstadir lake, south from the stack.

The Great Colosseum from Rome Italy

Now only a tourist attraction, the great Colosseum was once the place where the greatest gladiators led bloody battles for the fun of Rome citizens.

The Grand Coliseum is an incredible place where you will find a lot of legends about the great gladiators of the time.

If you watched Spartacus, then it means you have a small idea of what means to be a gladiator, the glory of which they we're part, but also about hard work and sacrifices to which they we're subjected.

Spartacus, a Thracian gladiator who walked in the gladiatorial school from Capua by being sold as a slave and becoming one of the arena champions, managed to escape from the desire to be free from slavery.

So after escape, he succeeded in a short time to raise an army that counts 70,000 people, slaughtering every town he passed through, crushing four legions and reaching to the vicinity of Rome.

Spartacus has remained in history as the greatest threat of Rome and the greatest gladiator.

This is a great place to visit if you want to feel a little of what gladiators felt when they we're in the middle of the Colosseum, being seen by over 60,000 spectators.

As you see every place has a great story and wonderful sites to see.

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