Big track outfitters is locally owned and operated by a dedicated team of experienced(30 years), hard working, licensed guides. Our team spends a lot of time in the bush scouting and selecting the very best stand locations and hunting areas. Areas with recent bear activity are what we offer, and pre-season scouting is essential to our success.

About a month before the start of the season we’re in full scout and prepare mode. We’re baiting daily and setting our trail cams to get a look at the bears in the area. Our time spent scouting, baiting and watching the cams ensures you’ll always be on productive baits.

Hunters who make the decision to work with Big Track Outfitters have an amazing opportunity to bag a trophy animal. Our hunts are conducted from active, pre-baited stands. The majority of our stand sites are fixed position or ladder types with shot distances of 15 to 30 yards. Our baited stands are placed strategically in remote areas that show high levels of bear activity. No unproductive baits here. You WILL see bear. Guaranteed 100% opportunity.


The Eriksdale area is over 1000 square miles…much of it untouched. So much land, in fact, that the bears never see humans. There have been dozens of record breaking bears taken from this area over the years. Huge weight scores of 400 into the high 500’s are common due to the amount of feed the bears have available here. They tend to put on a LOT of weight. The hunting area is very flat and very remote. The limited tag quotas ensure that our trophy quality is very high!

Travel to camp is easy enough. We provide directions for those who wish to drive. For those of you traveling by air, you should plan to arrive and depart from Winnipeg International Airport. The airport is fairly close by. It’s a short 1 1/2 hour drive to the camp. Arrangements are available for drop off and pickup at the airport.

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